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To Private Equity Value Creation


Private Equity Investment & Portfolio Operations

Elevation Gained Capial is a private equity firm that invests its own capital alongside the funds of limited partners, including single and multi-family offices, high net worth investors, and select instutional investors. Two principles drive our approach to value creation – diligent valuation and exceptional execution supported by extensive data and predictive models. 


We value private companies using a multi-dimensional approach, which incorporates market, financial, operational, and organizational data.


We bring a disciplined, rigorous, analytical, and thoughtful playbook to our deals to complement and catalyze on founders’ legacies. 

Investment Strategy

Elevation Gained Capital invests private equity from its own capital alongside limited partner investors, including family offices, high net worth investors, and select institutional investors. Our investment strategy include the following targets and criterion.

Owner-Operated Businesses

Having been founders and entrepreneurs, we look for owner-operated businesses whose founders are interested in an exit after building their legacies. 

Focus on Value Investments

We are value investors who are fiduciaries for our LPs who desire a strong return on their investments through placements in underpriced assets. 

Organic and M&A Growth Potential

We are dedicated to investing in  buyouts, rather than ventures, but also seek organic and acquisitive growth to compliment value potential.

Investment Holding Period

We are interested in both businesses where there are shorter investment time horizons as well as acquiring companies we would hold for longer periods.

Industries of Interest

Elevation Gained Capital’s partners and directors have extensive experience and interest in several industries with primary focus on the industrials, energy and technology sectors. 


We have interest in various industries within the industrial sector, including transportation, construction, and manufacturing. 


We have extensive expertise and interest in technology sectors, including SaaS software, enterprise software, cloud, and mobile computing. 


We have expertise in both the traditional and alternative energy sectors, including oil, natural gas, solar, wind, and energy efficiency. 

Our Difference

Elevation Gained Capital brings four critical value creating perspectives to the table – the management consultant, the operator, the entrepreneur, and the investor. By leveraging technology and best practices gleaned from over 80 years of combined experience, we create customized solutions that meet your needs today and prepare you for the future.

The Consultant Perspective

We bring extensive top-tier consulting expertise to engagements from our years of being trusted advisors to senior executives in numerous sectors.

The Operator Perspective

We have been operating executives and managers who have operated in Fortune 500, middle market and small businesses, achieving results for investors.

The Entrepreneur Perspective

We are entrepreneurs, innovators, and founders who have co-founded numerous successful businesses in various industries including energy, industrials, and tech.

The Investor Perspective

We are private equity investors who have acted as portfolio managers and chief investment officers, able to manage risk, create value, and increase investment returns.

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